The Butterfly signifies change and growth through perseverance and struggle, but the butterfly does not know this, it just has its purpose and carries on instinctively. Once we find our purpose, life becomes less struggle and more instinctive flow. If we dream and believe, we can achieve.

Video from our first Community Health Fayre in August 2012, opened by John Pentland MSP.

Established in 2012, the charity was set up from a belief that people living in North Lanarkshire regardless of health, disability or financial hardship, should be treated fairly and with equity and should have opportunities available to them which allows them to realise and achieve their full potential.

Since 2012 the organisation has been providing regular health and wellbeing activities in a number of community based centres that are in areas of North Lanarkshire where multiple deprivation exists.

It also provides an intensive volunteer support programme aimed at individuals in North Lanarkshire who have a number of support needs and are marginalised and disadvantaged in some way (e.g learning/physical disability, long term health condition, mental health issue, long term unemployed etc)

The work the organisation does has a proven track record of improving peoples physical and emotional health and improving their life chances.

Our Vision

To create a relaxing, welcoming, non-clinical and therapeutic space that works for everyone.

In this safe space, we guide and support people through a holistic process that is healing for body, mind and soul.

We support people to experience a sense of belonging, which helps them to connect and re-connect with their best self.


Our Board Members


Lee Samuel (Chairperson)

Lee has currently worked in NHS Lanarkshire for 12 years as an Occupational Therapist. She works in the Community Mental Health Team in the Motherwell area, working with people aged 16-65 years. Lee is now an advanced practitioner with a specialist interest in psychological therapies. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and utilises these skills in her daily working. Her main working role is to increase an individual’s level of independent function through participation in meaningful activity. She has a holistic approach in her assessment and aims to identify individuals’ roles, values, habits, routines and short and long term goals.

Lee is very supportive of the Hubs vision as she recognises that participation purposeful activity and having a safe, inclusive environment to develop has a positive impact on both physical and mental well-being.  Lee values the impact holistic therapies can have on an individual’s wellbeing and has observed firsthand the journey from service user, to volunteering then paid employee. Lee believes The Health and Wellness Hub provides an invaluable service to our local community and she is will continue to support its growth and development going forward.

Colin Smith

Colin joined the Board of Trustees in April 2017. He has worked in the third sector since 2001 and brings a background in autism, disabilities and carer support. He is the founder and Manager for REACH Lanarkshire Autism overseeing the Family Support and Activities Services across Lanarkshire. Colin has an interest in Health & Wellbeing and is an advocate of its provision in relation to Carers. In his spare time, he enjoys walking, photography and travel.

David Anderson

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Ann Donald

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Heather Simmons

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Martin Docherty

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Our Staff Members


Ayeshah Khan - Director

Ayeshah is the Founder and Director of The Health and Wellness Hub. Having worked in the Third Sector since 2002, Ayeshah has witnessed first-hand throughout her career the inequalities that exist for many individuals who through no fault of their own are disadvantaged in some way. So it was with this passion that she decided to do something about it and in 2012 The Health and Wellness Hub was born! Ayeshah is very proud of the positive difference the organisation has made since 2012 and the many people it has supported in assisting them recognise and achieve their hopes and dreams.

Collette Donald - Operational Manager

Collette has over 15 years’ experience in the private sector. After becoming a mum, Collette knew that she wanted a change of direction and wanted to go into a role where she could help others and work in an organisation that could really help make a difference to people. Collette started volunteering for another charity helping families in need, from working in this role she discovered the Health and Wellness Hub. Collette became passionate about the services the Health and Wellness Hub provides and she knew that this was the type of organisation she wanted to contribute to. In August 2016 Collette became a staff member and is enthusiastic about the skill set she can bring to the Hub.

Claire McBride - Senior Therapist

Claire started volunteering in October 2015 as she had suffered with mental health issues in the past. Claire was driven to volunteer as she had a passion for helping people going through similar issues and loved everything the organisation stood for. Claire was passionate specifically about the therapies and their impact on vastly aiding people's recovery. Claire having already qualified in level 1 and 2 in beauty therapy then completed training in Swedish massage, Indian head massage and reiki 1 and 2. In August 2016, Claire was taken on a placement through Community Jobs Scotland as a "Community Therapist" and now works with a variety of groups and individuals across North Lanarkshire.

Kelly Stewart - Office and Financial Administrator

Kelly has worked in the private sector for 15 years and has a lot of experience working with people from many different backgrounds. In the summer of 2015 Kelly struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety following treatment for a health condition. Kelly went from being a strong-minded person to feeling emotionally vulnerable and weak but realised that by taking a more holistic approach really helped her recovery. In 2016, Kelly was sign-posted to the Health and Wellness Hub to aid her recovery further. Being totally unaware that this type of service existed, Kelly became really excited about the organisations ethos and knew she wanted to spend more time with the organisation. Kelly applied for a job advertised with the organisation and in August 2016 became part of the staff team.

Ashley McQuade - Wellness Coach

Ashley started volunteering in August 2017, as she has suffered from mental health issues in the past and she recognised that volunteering was an opportunity to not only help others but to help herself. In October 2017, Ashley completed a qualification in Swedish Massage. In November 2017, Ashley was offered  a 1 year placement through the Community Jobs Scotland initiative and is now employed by The Health and Wellness Hub as a “Wellness Coach” Ashley loves working with people from a variety of different backgrounds and helping them through similar situations to herself. Since she’s been involved with the organisation, Ashley feels her confidence has increased and she feels passionately about the services the hub provides and is looking forward to her ongoing work with the organisation.  


Jenna Gillespie - Wellness Coach

Jenna has suffered from anxiety and depression for several years. She has tried many treatments for her mental health issues and was introduced to The Health and Wellness Hub through a family member who she went along with to receive a massage treatment. Much to her surprise, the massage was very relaxing and enjoyable, however, what struck her even more was the professional, friendly and cheerful behaviour of the staff and she was amazed to see that everyone seemed proud to work there and of what they were personally achieving. The organisation captured her interest from then on, as the charitable goals of the organisation really resonated with her. Jenna was given the opportunity to work with the organisation through the Community Jobs Scotland initiative and was employed as a Wellness Coach on 26th March 2018. Even though she has only been working at the Hub for a short period of time, it has made a huge improvement on her mental health and her everyday life.

Norma Fagan - Volunteer Coordinator

Norma started volunteering in January 2015. Being a lone parent with an autistic son, she had given up a previous office job as she had no childcare. This led to depression, being socially isolated and low confidence and self -esteem. She joined a support agency and having an interest in holistic therapies, she found out about The Health and Wellness Hub. Since volunteering, Norma’s mood, confidence and self esteem have all improved. Norma is really passionate about helping others and in September 2018, she became employed with the organisation as a Volunteer Coordinator.

Maureen Todd - Volunteer Coordinator

Maureen started volunteering in 2017. Being a lone parent with 2 young girls, she found that when her youngest daughter started school she became really isolated and would hardly leave the house. Her mood became really low and she found she was sleeping all the time because of it. After 6 months of this, Maureen sought help and started attending one of the Community Health Hubs as a service user. She then started volunteering which started to lift her mood and increase her self -esteem. The more she volunteered, the more confident she felt in herself, which led to her feeling happier.  In September 2018, Maureen became employed with the organisation as a Volunteer Coordinator.

Brandon Barton - Wellness Coach

Brandon joined The Health and Wellness Hub as a volunteer in October 2018, as his mum who is also a volunteer recommended it to him as she felt that volunteering could help him with his anxiety, depression and PTSD, which was a result of an assault on him which happened at the end of 2017. Since Brandon has been with the organisation, he is now in the best health he has been in years and finally feels his life has a purpose again. His anxiety, depression and PTSD are now manageable for him. In December 2018, Brandon was offered the opportunity to be employed by the organisation through the Community Jobs Scotland initiative and in January 2019, Brandon became a staff member and joined the organisation as a Wellness Coach.

Grant Henderson - Receptionist

Living with cerebral palsy, Grant has faced multiple barriers throughout his life. In June 2015, Grant studied at Motherwell College doing a Supported Learning course, which he finished in June 2017. Grant felt after completing the course that he wanted to move into employment and engaged with NLC Supported Enterprise. Grant’s Job Coach sign-posted him to The Health and Wellness Hub and after his first visit he knew this was the place to support him overcome some of the barriers he faced. In December 2018, Grant was offered the opportunity to be employed by the organisation through the Community Jobs Scotland initiative and in January 2019, Grant became a staff member and joined the organisation as its Receptionist.

The Health and Wellness Hub

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