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Positive Smoke-Free Role Models

Take the pledge to become a positive smoke-free rolemodel

Not smoking around children is the best way to encourage them to grow up not to smoke.

The Health and Wellness hub is working in partnership with NHS Lanarkshire on the Positive Smoke-Free Role Models project which has a particular focus on children, and works towards:

· Preventing children and young people becoming the next generation of people who smoke

· Protecting children, adults, and pets from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke

To support and promote these goals throughout Lanarkshire, we’re asking you to take the pledge to become a positive smoke-free role model for children and young people.

Whether it’s not smoking around children, making your home and car smoke-free, or positively influencing others to get involved and take the pledge, you can be a positive smoke-free role model for children and young people.

You don’t have to smoke to take the pledge, everyone can get involved!

Take a few minutes out of your day and take the pledge here.

Quit Your Way – Stop Smoking Support

Quit Your Way is NHS Lanarkshire’s free stop smoking service, where trained and friendly advisers can be contacted via Freephone or live web chat, residents can also request to be posted an information pack about quitting.

For more information, call 0800 84 84 84 or visit NHS Lanarkshire here.

Positive Smoke Free Role Models project is a partnership between NHS Lanarkshire, Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire and the Community Solutions locality hosts: The Health & Wellness Hub, Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre, Glenboig Development Trust, Cumbernauld Action for Care of the Elderly, North Lanarkshire Carers Together and Getting Better Together Shotts.

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